Trouble entering your license code

Please check the following common troubles. If you still cannot enter your license code, please take a screenshot of the "Add License" window and send it to Tech Support. Include a description of the trouble you are having, the license code you are trying to enter, the invoice number of your order (if you still have it) and any other information you have that will help us troubleshoot your problem.

Make sure you have the correct license code. Our license codes contain four groups of characters, separated by hyphens. The first two characters are letters. The others are numbers. So a license code might look like this: XQ12-3456-7890-1234.

Make sure you are entering the license code in the correct field (not the user name field).

Neither the license code nor the user name is case-sensitive.

Make sure you are entering the correct user name. Usually, your user name is whatever name you entered when you purchased your license. Check the email we sent you for the exact spelling, middle initials, etc.

If you have purchased an upgrade from a previous version of this product, you must enter your old license code first, then enter your upgrade license code. Your upgrade license code will not be accepted if you have not already entered your old license code.