Yank Limitations

Yank is a flexible and powerful tool for maintaining your Mac, but it's not a Swiss army knife. There are some things Yank is not currently designed to do.

OS Requirements · Creating Yank files requires Tiger and is not compatible with File Vault.

Downgrading · Yank is designed to remove software, not downgrade your Mac to an older version.

Shared files · Yank is not designed to manage files shared by multiple software installations.

Reinstalling · Yank is not designed to create Yank files when you re-install software.

Requires Admin · You should use Yank in an OS X account that has full administrative privileges.

Custom Installs · Some installers are not fully compatible with Yank and require some extra steps.

Disk Images · Use these instructions to install software from Disk Images with Yank protection.

Some of these limitations may be addressed in a future version of Yank.