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Errors after upgrading to version 1.2

Problem: You have just upgraded to version 1.2 or later. You receive JavaScript errors when you preview in your Web browser a file that was vaccinated with version 1.1.

Cause: The support script file was updated with version 1.2 but has not yet been installed on your Web site.

Solution: See the upgrade instructions.

Spam Vaccine changes the names of your files

Problem: When you vaccinate a file, the name of the file gets changed.

More information: The renamed files are backup files. See backup files for information about how they work.

Email addresses don’t show up in browser

Problem: When you load a vaccinated page into a Web browser, the email addresses disappear.

Cause (1): The support files are missing. See “Object not found” error in browser, below .

Cause (2): A JavaScript incompatibility with the browser you are using.

Solution (2): Spam Vaccine uses JavaScript version 1.1 which is compatible with most JavaScript-capable browsers. In addition, Spam Vaccine has been tested with the most common browsers. If you find a browser that is consistently unable to see vaccinated addresses, please email us so we can consider adding support for that browser.

“Object not found” error in browser

Problem: The vaccinated page looks OK when previewed locally. But when you upload the page to your server, the email addresses disappear and you receive an “Object not found” JavaScript error.

Cause: You did not upload the support files to your server.

Solution: Locate the folder containing the Spam Vaccine support files, which was copied to your site folder. By default, this folder is called “spam_vaccine” and is located in the root folder of your site (but you can change this behavior in the Preferences or Choose root folder windows). Upload this folder to the correct place on your server. If the folder was installed in the root folder of your local site, it should be uploaded to the root folder of your remote site.