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Script and Image Support Files

Spam Vaccine must install certain support files in your Web site to allow your site to use vaccinated addresses.

Support files installed by Spam Vaccine:

You can choose the folder where these support files get installed. You do this in either the Web Site Preferences window or the Choose Root Folder window.

In either window, you will see a text field where you can type a name or path for a folder. What you type here will determine where the support files get installed.

The default value is “spam_vaccine/”. With this setting, Spam Vaccine will create a folder, in your site’s root folder, called “spam_vaccine” and store its support files in that folder.

You can also use an existing folder in your site. For example, you might enter “scripts” to store everything in an existing “scripts” folder inside your root folder. Or you might enter “scripts/spam_vaccine/”. This will create a “spam_vaccine” folder inside your “scripts” folder and store the Spam Vaccine support files there.

You must upload the folder with the support files to the proper place on your Web server. If you do not upload this folder, or if you upload it to the wrong place, you will receive JavaScript errors. A common JavaScript error is “object expected.” This usually means that the browser was not able to find the Spam Vaccine support files.

If Spam Vaccine has trouble copying files to the location you choose, you will receive an error message.

After the support files have been installed, they are not changed.