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Vaccinate an entire site

To vaccinate your entire Web site, you must be using the Pro version of Spam Vaccine. This feature is not available in the Demo or Lite versions.

First, load your Web site files into Spam Vaccine. There are several easy ways to do this:

  • Click Vaccinate Many Files... on the main window or choose Vaccinate Many Files... from the File menu. Then choose a folder from the dialog box that appears.

  • Or drag a folder or a collection of files onto the main window.

If you choose your Web site’s root folder, all your pages will be loaded.

The files are not vaccinated immediately. The File List window appears and lists all the files you loaded:

You can show the File List window anytime by choosing File List Window from the Window menu.

You can use the Add file..., Add folder..., Remove, and Remove all buttons to modify the contents of the file list. You can also drag files and folders directly into the File List window.

Spam Vaccine uses the File Filter to determine what files should be added to the File List. By default, Spam Vaccine only loads files that end with .htm or .html. If you have different needs, you can change the File Filter Preferences by clicking File Filter.

When the File List contains all the files you want to vaccinate, click Vaccinate these files.

A thermometer window appears while Spam Vaccine vaccinates the files.

Spam Vaccine may ask you to locate the root folder for one or more files.

Spam Vaccine will install support files in any Web site whose files get vaccinated.

Spam Vaccine will create backup files for the files it vaccinates.

When Spam Vaccine is done, the File List will show the Results tab and list all the files that were successfully vaccinated.

If any files could not be vaccinated for any reason, they will be listed under the Errors tab. You can double-click on any entry in the Errors list to get an explanation of what went wrong so you can fix it. Or see the list of common errors.

How to tell whether your pages were vaccinated.