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Vaccinating Preferences

This is where you can control how your email addresses will be vaccinated.

Use the checkboxes to control the Vaccinating preferences:

  • Add <noscript> tags. Adds the code needed to display email addresses to browsers that do not use JavaScript.

  • Encode addresses as HTML entities. Converts email addresses to special codes. Because this can significantly increase the amount of code needed, you may want to turn it off on pages that contain many email addresses. Spam Vaccine can still hide your address from most spambots even if this option is turned off.

  • Link plain text email addresses. When Spam Vaccine vaccinates a plain text email address (not part of a hypertext link), Spam Vaccine will convert the text to a hypertext link.

  • Add QBullets to email links. Adds QBullet graphics to email address links. QBullets look like this: . Visit the QBullet Web site for more information about QBullets.

  • Backup original file. Spam Vaccine will make a backup copy of all files it vaccinates.