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Web Site Preferences

This is where you can keep track of different Web sites, their root folders, and the folders where the Spam Vaccine images and scripts are stored.

The left side of the window lists the sites that Spam Vaccine knows about. You can add or remove sites to this list by clicking the Plus or Minus buttons.

Normally, you don’t need to worry too much about these settings. If you vaccinate a file whose site is not listed in this window, Spam Vaccine will ask you to locate the root folder. Then Spam Vaccine will create the necessary settings for you automatically.

If you are using the Pro version, you can store multiple Web sites. If you are using the Demo or Lite version, you can only store one Web site at a time.

When you select a site in the list, you can change its settings on the right side of the window:

  • Site name. A name for the Web site. This is for your reference only and can be any text you like.

  • Root folder. The folder that contains all the pages, images and other files for this site. Click the Choose... button to select a folder.

  • Name or subpath for Spam Vaccine folder. The folder in your site where Spam Vaccine stores its support files.

Other preferences