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File Filter Preferences

If you are using the Pro version, this is where you can control which files in your site will be vaccinated and which files will be skipped.

On the left side of the window, you choose to load all documents or only suffixed documents. Usually, you will want to load only those documents with an .htm or .html document type extension.

If there are other text-based document types you want to work with, you can type their file extensions here. Just put each extension on a separate line, and begin each with a period.

Choosing “All Documents” or specifying improper file extensions can needlessly increase the time it takes for Spam Vaccine to operate. In certain cases, this can also cause program or file errors (if Spam Vaccine attempts to modify a graphic file, for example).

On the right side of the window, you can have Spam Vaccine skip any file whose name contains a character or string of characters you specify. It is often useful to mark obsolete files with the tilde ~ character. If you specify ~ in the Skip field, Spam Vaccine will ignore those documents.

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