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Vaccinate one page

When you open Spam Vaccine, you will see the main Spam Vaccine window. You can also show the main window any time by choosing Main Window from the Window menu.

You can use this window to vaccinate a single file. If you have purchased a serial number for the Pro version, you can also vaccinate your entire site at once.

To vaccinate a single file:

  • Click Vaccinate one file... and select a file.

  • Or simply drag a file onto the Spam Vaccine window.

  • Or choose Vaccinate one file... from the File menu.

Spam Vaccine may ask you to locate the root folder for the site that the page belongs to.

Spam Vaccine will copy certain support files into your Web site.

Spam Vaccine will automatically make a backup of the original file.

Spam Vaccine will then vaccinate the file with the default settings.

Spam Vaccine will report that the file was successfully vaccinated and offer to show you the file in your Web browser. Or, if there was an error, Spam Vaccine will alert you to that.

How to tell whether your page was vaccinated