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The Root Folder

In order to vaccinate a Web page, Spam Vaccine needs to know where to find the root folder of the site that the page belongs to. The root folder is the folder that contains all the pages, images and other files in your Web site.

If Spam Vaccine can’t figure out where the root folder is, it will ask you by displaying the following dialog box:

The Folder popup menu contains all the folders that enclose the current file. Click the Folder popup menu to select the folder that contains the entire Web site.

After you have located the root folder, you must tell Spam Vaccine where it should install the scripts and images it needs.

After you have made the necessary settings, click OK. Spam Vaccine will store the settings for this site in the Preferences window. The next time you vaccinate a file from this site, Spam Vaccine will find the root folder and “spam_vaccine” folder automatically.

You can also click Skip this file to skip the current file. If you have the Pro version and are vaccinating an entire site, Spam Vaccine will move onto the next file. Or you can click Stop to stop vaccinating files altogether.