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Automatic backup files

Spam Vaccine automatically creates backup files for all the files it vaccinates. Spam Vaccine adds “!SV-” to the beginning of the file name and saves the backup file in the same folder as the original. The original file is vaccinated. The backup file is a copy of the file before it was vaccinated.

If you find a problem with a particular vaccinated file, you can throw it out and replace it with the backup file.

Or you can change the Spam Vaccine Preferences and re-vaccinate the backup file. When you re-vaccinate a backup file, the backup file remains untouched and a new file is created with the original file name. If you preview the result in your browser, the vaccinated file is previewed, not the backup file that you loaded into Spam Vaccine.

If new versions of Spam Vaccine are released that require you to re-vaccinate your files, you can do so easily by re-vaccinating the backup files.

NEVER upload the backup files to your Web server. The backup files contain un-vaccinated email addresses. If you publish these files, your email addresses could be found by spambots.

If you do not want to create backup files, you can turn the option off in the Vaccinating Preferences.