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Spamfire Manual > Tutorial > Deleting and Rescuing Messages

Using Spamfire

Deleting and Rescuing Messages

To delete a message, select it in the Spam List and click the Delete button in the Toolbar. You can clear the entire list by clicking the Delete All... button in the Toolbar.

Deleting messages cannot be undone. You can use the Preferences window to keep the Spam List clean by deleting messages automatically after a certain period of time. Deleting only deletes the local copy of the message. See When mail is deleted from your mail server.

If a desirable message is in the Spam List, you can rescue it and send it back to your in-box. Select the message and click the Rescue button in the Toolbar.

This will connect to your SMTP server and mail the message to your online email account. Then you can check mail with your regular email program to retrieve the rescued message. If you filter spam again before retrieving the message, Spamfire will skip the rescued message.

If you would like to see why Spamfire trapped a particular message, you can check the message's Filter Violations.

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