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Spamfire Manual > Troubleshooting > Problems that cause Spamfire not to intercept spam

Problems that cause Spamfire not to intercept spam

If Spamfire deletes most of your spam but you want it to do better, see how to improve Spamfire's accuracy.

If Spamfire is deleting almost no spam, something may be malfunctioning. Check the possible problem areas below.

Incorrect settings

An incorrect setting may be causing Spamfire to accept messages that it would normally intercept as spam.

Not filtering

Something may be preventing Spamfire from filtering certain messages, or all messages. See this info.

Norton Internet Security

Certain configurations of Norton Internet Security are known to interfere with Spamfire. Spamfire may correctly identify spam and show it in the Spamfire Mail Window, but fail to remove it from your mail server. Disable Norton Internet Security and Spamfire should behave correctly. We are currently investigating a solution that will allow Norton Internet Security to function alongside Spamfire.