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Extra "good messages"
or "old messages"

Sometimes Spamfire will report, say, 20 good messages found on server. But you check with your email program and only get 2 messages, or none.

Sometimes Spamfire will report a bunch of "old messages," but no matter what you do, you can't see those messages in your email program.

What's going on?

This is not a Spamfire problem and you are not losing any email. Rather, you have enabled a little-understood feature in your email program called "leave mail on server." When this feature is turned on, your email program leaves copies of some or all your email on the email server. When Spamfire connects to your account, it sees those messages and reports them as "old messages" or extra "good messages." But your email program skips the messages, so it can be very difficult sometimes to figure out what they are or why they are there. Sometimes, old messages can sit on your server for years without your ever noticing them—until Spamfire points them out to you.

If you want to read those old messages and delete them, the easiest thing to do is access your account through a "Web mail" interface. Here are some Web sites that will show you exactly what is in your email account and allow you to delete old messages:

If you would like to prevent your email program from leaving mail on the server, find and de-activate the setting in your email program for "Leave mail on server." You will probably find a checkbox in your email program's account settings window.