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Spamfire Manual > Troubleshooting > I seem to be missing some messages

I seem to be missing some messages

With its default settings, Spamfire never deletes any of your messages. If it looks like some of your messages are missing, check one of these possible explanations.

Old messages

If your email program shows fewer good messages than Spamfire reports, the discrepancy is probably due to old messages left on your server.

Known spammers

If you have added spammer addresses to your Senders List, Spamfire will still download messages from those spammers, but will hide them from you so you don't have to see them. You can show these messages by choosing Show Type > Known Spammers from the View menu.

Message not shown in list

The Mail Window does not always display all the messages that Spamfire found on your server. You can show all messages by choosing Show All Messages from the View menu. You can also use the View menu or the Show popup menubutton in the Toolbar to show a messages of a certain type or account. You can also use the Search box in the Toolbar to find a message by Sender or Subject.