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Filtering problems

Why am I still getting spam?

Spamfire is deleting messages I want to keep!

Spamfire is deleting messages from my mailing lists

Why did Spamfire trap this message?

I seem to be missing some messages

Connection problems

Why am I getting an error when I try to filter or rescue?

Problems with email program

Spamfire is not causing my email program to retrieve the good messages

Spamfire is causing my email program to check the wrong account(s)

Messages appear in Eudora as already "read"

Spamfire reports more good messages than my email program can find

Other problems

I can't rescue messages from the Spam List

What are the "old messages" Spamfire keeps finding on my server?

I lost my serial number. Can you send it to me?

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How can I make Spamfire work with a different email program?

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