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Spamfire error messages

For more error messages, see our online FAQ.

Error numbers when checking or sending mail

Error -3264

Usually means that you don't have a live internet connection. You may also see this error when you wake up your Macintosh if Spamfire starts checking mail before your Mac has time to reset its internet connection. We are working on a solution for this situation.

Error 101 or 103

Spamfire is not able find the mail server you have specified. There are three possible reasons:

  • There is a temporary network outage. Make sure you can check mail in your usual email program.

  • The server requires a different mail protocol or security method than Spamfire currently supports. Currently, Spamfire supports POP3 and APOP. Spamfire does not currently support IMAP, SSL, Kerberos or other mail protocols.

  • By far the most common cause is incorrect information in the Spamfire Preferences. If this error happens when you try to filter mail, you need to change the the settings in the Edit Account window. If this error happens when you try to rescue mail, you need to change the settings in the Safety Preferences. A common mistake is to specify as the host when you actually need to specify or something similar.

Incorrect username or password

This means that your username or password is incorrect. Really. You need to change the settings in the Edit Account window or the Safety Preferences. You already triple-checked? Then quadruple-check. Really. Check for errors in capitalization and contact your email service provider if you need help.

Please don't write to us about this because this error is always due to incorrect information that you could have sworn was correct. If you really think there is a more serious problem, you can contact tech support, but so far, 100% of our help requests on this matter have been due to incorrect usernames and/or passwords.