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Using the console

Spamfire can write special information to a console window. If you are having problems with Spamfire, you can copy information from the console and email it to tech support. This may help us solve the problem for you.

To turn on the console, hold the option key down and click the Help menu. Then choose Debug to Console from the Help menu. This will place a checkmark next to the menu item and turn debugging on.

Once you have turned on the console, Spamfire will begin writing information to it at certain key times, such as at email check and send times.

To see the console:

  • In Mac OS 9, the console is a floating window right in the Spamfire application. It appears automatically whenever something gets written to the console.

  • In Mac OS X, the console is a separate application called Console. It is usually located in your Utilities folder. The Mac OS X console shows messages from many applications, not only Spamfire.