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Spamfire Manual > Troubleshooting > Can't rescue messages

Can't rescue messages

If you are having difficulty rescuing messages, try these solutions.

  • Double-check that your settings are correct in the Preferences Window. Error 101 and error 103 almost always indicate an incorrect domain name or address specified for the server.

  • If you receive an error that says "Command unrecognized" or "command not implemented", try turning off Server requires name & password in the Preferences window.

  • If it looks like the message is being sent to an incorrect address, you may have something set wrong in the Edit Account window. There is a field that is labeled This account receives mail for the following addresses. Make sure your addresses are listed there properly.

  • If you need to rescue a message to a different address, choose Rescue To... from the Message menu.

  • If your messages seem to be sent OK, but you never receive them, your mail server may be rejecting them after Spamfire sends them. Some mail servers will reject messages with an unrecognized return address. To get around this limitation, choose Rescue To from the Message menu and then specify your email address as the From address.

  • Some mail servers are very slow about delivering messages from Spamfire. You may find that you have to wait several minutes before the messages arrive in your in-box.

  • If you still have trouble, you can examine the SMTP transactions in the debug console.

  • Instead of using the Rescue command, you can save the messages to an mbox file.