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Spamfire Manual > The Spamfire Mail Window > Spamfire Toolbar

Spamfire Toolbar

The Spamfire Toolbar appears at the top of the Spamfire Mail window. If the Toolbar is not visible, you can choose Show Toolbar from the View menu. The Toolbar offers the following icons:

Start Filtering - Starts (or stops) filtering all the email accounts that are set up in the Accounts Preferences. The Status Window displays when filtering is underway.
Delete - Delete the messages selected in the Mail list.
Delete All - Delete all the messages currently shown in the Mail list.
Rescue - Rescue the currently selected messages by sending them back to your email account. See How Rescuing Works. Hold the option key down and click button to send the message to a different email address.
Add Friend - Add the senders of the currently selected messages to your Senders List so they will always be accepted in the future. See more info. Hold the option key down and click the button for more options.
Search - Type in this box and press the return key to search through all messages in the Spamfire database. Press the magnifying glass icon to change which field gets searched. Press the to clear the current search.
Show - Use this popup menu to choose what messages should be shown in the Mail list. You can choose to show mail from all accounts or from just a single account. You can choose to show Good messages, Spam messages, messages from Known Spammers, or all messages. Note: The Show popup menu is disabled when a search is active in the Search box. Click the in the Search box to clear the search and use the Show popup menu.
Preferences - Click to show the Preferences Window.