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Spamfire Manual > The Spamfire Mail Window > Save Messages to mbox File

Save Messages to mbox File

As an alternative to rescuing messages, you can save messages to an mbox file and import them into your email program. This can sometimes be faster than emailing the messages to your in-box, especially if you have a lot of messages to rescue.

To save a message to an mbox file, open the message or select the message in the Spam List and choose Save As... from the File menu. You can also select multiple messages in the Spam List and save them all to a single mbox file.

Be sure to save the file someplace where you can find it later. The desktop is always a good place to save files.

The mbox file format is a cross-platform, cross-program way to store email messages. Most email programs can import mbox files very easily.

  • Eudora: Double-click the mbox file. It should open in Eudora. Or choose Open from the Eudora File menu.

  • Entourage: Choose Import from the File menu. Click the Import information from text file radio button and then click the Next button. Then click Import messages from an MBOX-format text file and continue.

  • Other email programs: Most email programs can import mbox files as part of their capability to import Eudora mailboxes. You may need to place the mbox file in a folder, and then select the folder in the email program's import dialog box.