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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > settings > Setting the Spam Score Threshhold for an account

Setting the Spam Score Threshhold
for an account

After Spamfire has calculated the final Spam Score for a message, Spamfire checks the Spam Score Threshhold you have set. If the Score is lower than the Threshhold, Spamfire accepts the message. If the Score is higher than the Threshhold, Spamfire traps the message as spam.

There are two places where you can set the Spam Score Threshhold:

  • In the Set-Up Assistant, you tell Spamfire to be either Merciless, Vigilant or Cautious when deleting spam. The Merciless setting sets a low Threshhold. Spamfire will trap messages with Spam Scores of 10 or more. Cautious sets a high Threshhold. Spamfire will trap only those messages with Spam Scores of 60 or more. We recommend choosing Vigilant.

  • You can refine or change these settings in the Edit Account Window. Use the slider to delete More or Less Spam. As you move the slider towards More, the Spam Score Threshhold becomes lower and Spamfire will trap more messages as spam. We recommend a Threshhold between 20 and 40.

Note that you can set a different Score Threshhold for different accounts:

  • If you have a personal account, where you know most of your correspondents and losing an occasional message is not the end of the world, drag the slider towards More.

  • If you have a business account, where you receive messages from the general public and losing messages is not an option, drag the slider towards Less.