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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > settings > Spamfire Preferences Folder

Spamfire Preferences Folder

Your Preferences folder contains a Spamfire folder, where Spamfire stores its settings.

In Mac OS 9, your Preferences folder is located inside the System Folder. In Mac OS X, the Preferences folder is in the Library folder, which is located inside your Home folder (choose Home from the Go menu in the Finder to see your Home folder). In Windows, the Preferences folder is actually called "Windows."

The Spamfire folder contains the following files and folders:

  • Addresses - Your Senders List
  • Accounts - Your email account settings
  • Mail - The messages that appear in the Mail Window
  • Backup - A folder containing backups of the 3 Spamfire databases, used to recover corrupted databases after a crash
  • Filters - A folder of XML files containing Spamfire filters
  • Scripts - A folder of post-filter AppleScripts
  • Spamfire Preferences - A file that stores other Spamfire settings, window locations, etc.

If you upgrade from OS 9 to OS X, you can preserve all your settings by moving the Spamfire folder into the OS X Preferences folder.