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Filter scores

Each filter has a score that it adds to the Spam Score of messages. If a message violates a filter with a score of 20, the message's Spam Score increases by 20 points. The higher the message's Spam Score, the more likely Spamfire is to trap the message as spam.

Different filters can have different scores. For example...

  • One built-in filter checks for "ADV:" at the beginning of a subject. That is an almost certain tip-off that the message is spam. Messages that violate this filter get 60 points added to their spam score.

  • Another built-in filter checks for messages from the domain. Spammers frequently use AOL accounts to send their garbage, so an AOL return address can be an indicator of spam. But not a certain indicator. Many honest people also use AOL. So we can't simply reject messages from AOL. But we bump the Spam Score up a little, just 10 points. If the message doesn't violate any other filters, it will probably get accepted. But if it goes on to violate more and more filters, the Spam Score will keep increasing and eventually cause the message to be rejected.

Filters can also have negative scores.