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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > settings > Custom post-filter scripts

Custom post-filter scripts

When Spamfire is finished filtering, it can run a script of your choice. Several scripts are built-in but you can also create a custom script.

Where the scripts are stored

Scripts are stored in the Scripts folder, which is inside the Spamfire Preferences folder.

The Scripts folder contains several compiled AppleScript files. You can open and edit these files in the AppleScript Script Editor. You can add new AppleScript files to this folder to make them appear in the Run Script popup menu. You must save the files as Compiled Script files and you must give them a name that ends with .scpt.

Visit the Spamfire User’s Forum for custom AppleScripts, including scripts for Emailer, MailTron and others.

Unsupported email programs

At the time of this writing, QuickMail and Netscape versions other than version 4 lack the necessary AppleScript support to let you trigger a mail check from Spamfire. You can still use Spamfire with these programs by manually filtering mail in Spamfire and then manually checking mail in your email program. You may also be able to synchronize the Spamfire filtering schedule with the mail check schedule in your email program.