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Your email addresses

Spamfire needs to know what email addresses your account receives mail for. Most people receive email for a single address. But you might have other email addresses forwarding to your mail account.

For example, if you handle tech support for your company, your mail administrator may forward mail for to your main address.

You should enter all the email addresses that this account receives mail for. Enter each address on a separate line. You can also enter a domain name, on a separate line, if you receive email for any address in that domain.

Even if you enter a domain name, you must still enter at least one properly formatted email address.

If you receive a message that is not addressed directly to one of the addresses (or domains) you provide, Spamfire will increase the spam score for that message.

If you would like to edit or disable this filter, it is located in Standard.xml : Common Address Techniques : Not my Address, accessible from the Filters Preferences Window.