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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > Schedule


The Schedule tab is where you can control how and when Spamfire receives and filters email messages. Info

  • Filter Schedule:
    • If you want Spamfire to filter your email on a recurring schedule, choose a schedule from the Filter Schedule popup menu.
    • Check Start filtering when launched if you want Spamfire to start filtering spam whenever it is launched.

  • After Spamfire finishes filtering your email, it can:
    • Run a script to open your favorite email program and retrieve the remaining good messages.
    • If you check Only if good messages were found, Spamfire will run the script only if at least one new, good message was found on the server. Uncheck this box if you want Spamfire to run the script every time it finishes filtering, regardless of what it found on the server.
    • Quit. This can be handy if you want to keep Spamfire closed and launch it only when you want to filter spam. To prevent Spamfire from quitting automatically, hold the Escape key down while launching Spamfire.

  • You can keep the Spam List clean automatically by choosing a schedule from the Discard saved spam popup menu. If you check Discard the obvious stuff sooner, Spamfire will delete certain messages even more quickly than the schedule that you specify in the popup menu. "Obvious stuff" means any message that is a recognized sender (spammer or friend) or which you have manually processed by reporting it, bouncing it or rescuing it.