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The Senders list lets you decide what email addresses you will or will not accept email from. The Senders List is an important part of the Spamfire strategy. Info

Friends, Mailing Lists and Spammers

You can store three kinds of email addresses in the Senders List:

Friends - People whose messages should always be accepted.

Mailing Lists - Senders of mailing list messages that should always be accepted.

Spammers - Scum of the earth whose messages should never, ever be accepted.

Import your address book

You should import your email address book into your Senders List. Everyone will be imported as a Friend.

Add people when you receive their mail

If Spamfire traps a message from one of your regular correspondents, you can easily add that sender as a Friend to ensure that their messages are always accepted in the future. (You can also rescue that message.)

If Spamfire lets a message through that it shouldn't, you can add that sender as a Spammer to ensure that their messages are always intercepted in the future.

Edit the Senders List

To add an address to your Senders List, click Add Address... and see these instructions. You can also Edit or Delete addresses with the appropriate buttons.