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How Filter Updates work

Matterform frequently creates and publishes new Spamfire filters to combat new spammer techniques. Spamfire can download and install these filter updates automatically. This ensures that you always have the most up-to-date spam protection available.

Spamfire can also check for new application versions at the same time.

Filter updates work in Spamfire Pro only. Spamfire Demo and Lite allow only one filter update the first time you launch Spamfire.

You can install filter updates manually or automatically.

  • To install updates manually, choose Install Filter Updates from the File menu.

  • Spamfire is set by default to install updates automatically. To turn off automatic updates, open the Filter Preferences window and uncheck Install Updates Automatically.

Any time updates are found, Spamfire installs them and displays a status window that shows how many updates were installed. New filters will be available the next time you start filtering email.

Spamfire also checks for new application versions at this time.

Automatic updates occur every 12 hours.

Important privacy information about filter updates.