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Spamfire respects your privacy

This is the process Spamfire uses to check for filter updates.

Spamfire sends a URL request to the Web server that includes several parameters. These include the currently installed application version, the currently installed filter versions, and the Spamfire serial number (to confirm that you are authorized to receive filter updates).

In reply, Spamfire receives an XML file containing info about new application versions and new filter versions.

Our Web server automatically keeps track of these requests. It automatically logs the Spamfire application version and computer platform. The server does not log your serial number, IP address, or any other unique identifiers.

Spamfire does not send any other information about you to the Matterform servers. Your email account names and passwords are used only in communication with your email servers and are never sent to Matterform or anywhere else.

Privacy advocacy groups are invited to test Spamfire to ensure that it truly adheres to these privacy guidelines. If you are interested, please contact us.