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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > The Filter List > How to accept messages from mailing lists

How to accept messages from mailing lists

The usual way to ensure that Spamfire accepts messages from a particular sender is to add the sender to your Senders List. However, if you receive messages from members of a mailing list, this strategy may need some refinement. Messages can arrive from senders you've never heard of before. And because mailing lists are a kind of bulk mail, Spamfire could easily mistake these messages for spam.

To ensure that you receive messages from mailing lists, you can add them to your Senders List as a mailing list. To do this, locate the message in the Spamfire Mail Window. Select it and then choose Add mailing list to Friends List... from the Message menu. A new window will appear that will let you configure the Sender correctly.

If you cannot identify mailing lists using the Add Sender window, you can create a negative score filter to accept messages from mailing lists.