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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > The Filter List

The Filter List

The Filters tab is where you can add, edit, delete or disable Spamfire filters. Spamfire comes with hundreds of built-in filters and you can create your own filters too. Info

  • If you check Install Updates Automatically, Spamfire will automatically download and install filter updates from the server. See About Filter Updates.

  • Filters are stored as XML files, located in your Spamfire Preferences folder. These XML files are displayed in the Spamfire filters list.

  • Click the expander icon to the left of each filter file to show or hide the filter sets in that file. Click the expander icon to the left of each filter set to show or hide the filters in that file.

  • How to edit or add a filter.

  • You can add filter set to any file by selecting the file and clicking Add Filter Set... To add a new filter file, make sure that nothing is selected in the Filter List (you can shift-click an item to turn off its selection) and then click Add Filter File...

  • You can delete any filter, filter set or filter file by selecting it and clicking Delete... You can change the name of an item by selecting it and clicking Edit...

  • How filters are applied.