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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > The Filter List > How to add or edit a filter

How to add or edit a filter

Before you change the Spamfire filters, be sure to read about compatibility with future updates.

Edit existing filter

To edit a filter, simply double-click the filter in the Filter List.

Create new filter

To add a filter, first select a filter set in the Filter List, and then click New Filter. You can choose any filter set that is logical to you. You can add a new filter set to a file by selecting the file and clicking New Filter Set.

Make the filter settings

When you add or edit a filter, the Edit Filter window appears.

Give the filter any name that will help you remember what it does.

Make sure the On button is checked if you want the filter to be active.

Use the More and Fewer buttons to add text comparisons. A filter can contain any number of text comparisons.

For each text comparison, choose a field and an operator from the popup menus, and then type some text to compare. You can create many combinations, such as:

Subject Starts With ADV

From (email) is

Body contains As seen on national TV

Use the Require popup menu to choose whether the filter will be triggered if any of the text comparisons is true, or only if all the text comparisons are true.

Specify a Score for this filter. The score indicates how likely it is, on a scale of 0 to 100, that a message violating this filter is spam. See example.

Choose Save from the File menu to save the new or modified filter.