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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > Extra > Show debug options in Help menu

Show debug options in Help menu

If you contact tech support about a problem you are having, we may ask you to turn on Show debug options in Help menu.

After you check this box and re-launch Spamfire, the Help menu will contain a new submenu, the Debug submenu. The Debug submenu contains three commands:

  • Debug to console. Turn this on to have Spamfire write special debugging information to a console window. You can copy this information and email it to tech support to help us solve your problem. How to use the console.

  • Show memory usage. Shows a window full of technical gobbledy-gook that might possibly make some sense to the geniuses at tech support, but, then again, might not.

  • Send bug report. Opens a Web page where you can submit a bug report or feature request.