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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Spamfire Preferences > Account Preferences

Account Preferences

The Accounts tab is where you can add, edit and delete POP3 Mail Accounts that Spamfire should filter. The list shows all the accounts currently set up in Spamfire. Info

  • Use the checkbox next to each account in the list to control whether Spamfire will filter that account.

  • To add an account to the list, click Add Account... and see these instructions. (Spamfire Pro can check multiple accounts. Spamfire Lite and Demo can check a single account.)

  • To edit an account, click the account once and then click the Edit... button. Or double-click the account. And see these instructions.

  • To delete an account, select the account and click the Delete... button or press the Delete key on your keyboard. Deleting an account cannot be undone.