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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Configure your email program to work with Spamfire > Configure Eudora for Mac

Configure Eudora for Mac

Bring Eudora to the front and choose Settings... from the Special menu. The Settings window will appear, with all the various settings represented by a list of icons running down the left side of the window. Scroll down that list and select the Personalities icon.

In the right pane of the window, there is a Personality popup menu. Select the personality of an account that you want to filter in Spamfire. Make sure that the Check mail every X minutes checkbox is not checked (if you want automatic checks, set them up in Spamfire). Make sure the Check mail on manual checks checkbox is checked. The window should look something like this:

Apply this setting to the personality of every email account you want to filter in Spamfire.

Do your Spamfire-filtered messages appear in Eudora as "read"? Here's the solution.