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Spamfire Manual > Setting up Spamfire > Configure your email program to work with Spamfire > Messages in Eudora are already "read"

Messages in Eudora are already "read"

Certain configurations can cause Eudora to display Spamfire-filtered messages with a status of "read", instead of "unread". This is a Eudora bug. Fortunately, there is a workaround.

Simply create a new Eudora filter (not a Spamfire filter; a Eudora filter) that resets the status of all incoming messages to "unread."

  • Bring Eudora to the front. Choose Filters from the Windows menu.

  • Click the New button.

  • Create a filter that checks for the appearance of any header and sets the status to "unread." The filter should apply to incoming messages only.

The filter should look like this:

To ensure that the filter is always applied, drag it to the top of the Eudora Filters list on the left side of the window.