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Report Spam to Matterform

If you report a spam, we can make and publish a filter that will intercept that spam for all Spamfire Pro users. We urge you to report spam to us. It's an easy way to stop spam that benefits all Spamfire users.

To report spam, do the following:

  1. Locate the spam in the Spamfire Mail Window. Do not report spam if you cannot find it in the Spamfire Mail Window, since that would indicate a setting problem in Spamfire.

  2. Make sure this is a miss caused by a filter inadequacy, not a miss caused by an incorrect setting. Here's how to tell.

  3. Make sure the message's spam score is less than 40. We generally do not create filters for messages that already score 40 or more.

  4. Select the message in the Mail Window and choose Report to Matterform from the Revenge menu. This will send the message to our reporting mailbox in exactly the format we require.

You can also redirect spam to However, we prefer that you use Revenge menu to report spam, because this results in cleaner, more usable submissions. If you do send reports by email, please:

  • Use the Redirect command in your mail program, not the Forward command.

  • Don't add any notes to the message or change the subject line. You don't need to say "Spamfire missed this one" or anything like that. Just send the message in its original form.

  • Don't worry about including the message headers. Headers are useful for tracing spam to the actual sender, but not very useful for identifying future spam. We rarely use the message headers and rely much more on the message content.