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The Revenge Menu

The Revenge Menu, also known as the Justice Menu, lets you to send a little grief back at the spammers. See this important notice about using the Revenge menu.

  • Bounce - Send the spam back to the spammers as undeliverable. See these important caveats.

  • Report to Matterform - Send the spam to Matterform, the makers of Spamfire, so we can create a filter update to block that spam in the future. Highly recommended. See the complete reporting instructions.

  • Bug the WebBugs - Looks for nasty, virus-like WebBugs often found in spams and twists them so they backfire on the spammer. See the complete low-down on WebBugs.

  • Toll-Free phone numbers - Nice and simple: a list of all the toll-free phone numbers found in your spam. Now you can call spammers and make them pay to hear what you think about their spam.


The Revenge Menu is intended to be used for proportionate justice, i.e., non-violent justice that fits the nature and severity of the crime. Like any instrument of justice, the Revenge Menu can be abused. Please do not use the Revenge Menu to start any action that could be construed as harassment. We do not condone the use of the Revenge Menu for anything illegal, immoral or stupid. If you are in doubt about the definitions of any of these terms, consult your attorney, priest or mother.