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Stop more spam

The best way to stop more spam in Spamfire is to run with a very low spam score threshold. This cause Spamfire to intercept a lot of mail and then you can concentrate on reducing the incidence of false positives, which is usually an easier task. See Best Strategy for more info.

However, even if you already have Spamfire set to stop a lot of spam, there will always be the occasional spam that slips through. You may choose to ignore some spams, but some spams may be so annoying that you want to target them individually.

To stop a particular spam:

  1. First, find the spam in the Spamfire Mail Window so you can determine why it is being accepted. It's possible that an incorrect setting is preventing Spamfire from intercepting the spam.

  2. Once you have located the spam, you can take these steps to stop similar spams in the future.