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Spamfire Manual > Improving Spamfire's Accuracy > Misses caused by Spamfire never seeing the message

Misses caused by Spamfire never seeing the message

If Spamfire accepted a message as good but you can't find the message in the Spamfire Mail Window, there are several possible explanations:

  • Spamfire might not be set to store good messages. You can change this in the Extra Preferences.

  • Spamfire may have skipped the message because it was larger than the maximum size specified in the Extra Preferences.

  • You may have used your mail program before using Spamfire. That prevents Spamfire from filtering any of your mail. You should initiate all mail checks in Spamfire. If you want automatic mail checks, schedule them in Spamfire.

  • The message may have come in after Spamfire finished filtering but before your mail program started. There is a tiny window in every filter session that can occasionally let spam slip through like this.