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Spamfire Manual > Improving Spamfire's Accuracy > Find a message that Spamfire accepted

Find a message that Spamfire accepted

By default, Spamfire stores a copy of all messages that it finds on your server, but only displays the messages that were intercepted as spam. However, you can also make Spamfire display messages that were accepted as good messages. This can be helpful when you need to determine why Spamfire is accepting spam and want to train Spamfire to stop similar spam in the future.

To show all good messages

You can show all good messages by opening the Mail window and then choosing Show Type > Good from the View menu. You can also choose Good from the Show popup menu in the Mail Window's Toolbar.

To find a particular good message

Open the Mail Window and use the Search box in the Toolbar to find a message by sender or subject. This will find all matching messages, regardless of their spam status and regardless of what is currently shown in the mail list.

Once you find the message

Once you have found the message you are wondering about, follow these steps to find out why Spamfire accepted it and prevent it from happening again.

If you can't find the message

If you can't find the message you are looking for, there are several possible explanations.