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Avoid false positives

A false positive is a good message that gets intercepted incorrectly as spam. This can happen to messages that contain spam-like characteristics. It happens frequently with mailing list messages, even mailing lists you want to receive, if they are sent in bulk, contain commercial content or offer unsubscribe options.

Of course, you can always rescue any message that gets intercepted mistakenly, but that gets tiresome after a while. To avoid this problem, Spamfire gives you several ways to prevent false postives:

  • If a message from one of your regular correspondents is intercepted, you can add the sender to your Friends List. Spamfire will always accept messages from that sender in the future. You can also import your address book from your email program from time to time so your Spamfire Friends List is always current.

  • You can create negative score filters to make Spamfire more likely to accept certain messages. This is a very powerful feature and is the key to achieving very high effectiveness rates with Spamfire.

  • You can also adjust the Score Threshold for your account so that fewer messages are intercepted. However, this is not the recommended approach. You will get much better results by running with a low threshold and using the other methods on this page to avoid false positives. See Best Strategy for more info.