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Spamfire Manual > Improving Spamfire's Accuracy > Misses caused by incorrect settings

Misses caused by incorrect settings

Sometimes, a setting you make in Spamfire can cause it to accept messages that would normally be intercepted as spam.

Check the message's filter violations to make sure there is not some erroneous setting that is causing Spamfire to accept the message. For example, you might have accidentally added the spammer to your Friends List, which will cause Spamfire to accept the spam. Or you might have created a negative score filter which is unexpectedly causing Spamfire to accept the message.

After you have ruled out any configuration errors, check the spam score of the message. Spam scores run from 0 to 100 and more; the higher the number, the more likely a message is spam. If high-scoring messages are being treated as good, you may need to lower your spam score threshold.

If Spamfire is intercepting spam messages and giving them high scores but the messages still show up in your email program, please contact Technical Support.