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What's New in this Version

Following are highlights of new features in version 1.6. For complete details, or for versions later than 1.6, please see the Version History

  • Updated filtering engine with the following new features:

    • New Remote Filters. When the local Spamfire filters are not enough for Spamfire to make a reliable decision, Spamfire will extract the domain names from an email message and transmit them to the filter servers. The domain names are compared against our huge database of known spammer Web sites. If a match is found, the message is marked as Spam Positive and Spamfire intercepts the message on your mail server. You can disable Remote Filters in the Spamfire Filter Preferences window. See the privacy info about this new feature.

    • Faster filter loading, processing and updating.

    • Cached filter results

    • Improved background filtering (OS X only). The Background filtering options are now available in a separate download.

    • New preference to skip filtering of friends.

  • Revenge options automatically skip over friends if you have them selected in the Mail Window.

  • IMAP and Hotmail filtering now much more reliable. Fixed a problem where IMAP and Hotmail filtering was causing occasional crashes on some systems.

  • The Test button in the Safety Preferences now works more reliably.

  • Improved memory management when sending messages (includes rescuing, bouncing and reporting).

  • Various bug fixes.