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Spamfire Manual > about > Remote Filters and your Privacy Remote Filters and your Privacy

Spamfire now includes a new feature called Remote Filters. This feature sends small parts of some of your emails directly to the servers for filtering. At Matterform, we have great respect for your privacy. This page explains how we use the information that Spamfire transmits to our servers.

  • Turning it off. Spamfire Desktop ships with Remote Filters turned on by default. You can turn it off at any time by choosing Preferences from the Edit or Spamfire menu, clicking the Filters tab, and unchecking the box labeled Use Remote Filters. However, you will see a drop in Spamfire's accuracy if you turn this feature off.

  • What messages can trigger Remote Filters. Not all messages trigger the Remote Filter feature. The Remote Filters are only used when Spamfire needs additional assistance in identifying spam.
    • Messages from friends on your Spamfire Senders list never trigger Remote Filters.
    • Messages from known spammers on your Spamfire Senders list never trigger Remote Filters.
    • Messages that get identified as spam by the Spamfire local filters, either the built-in filters or filters that you create, never trigger Remote Filters.

  • What information gets transmitted. When a message requires Remote Filters, Spamfire does not transmit the entire message to Spamfire extracts only the URLs that appear in the body of the message and then transmits the domain names (not the full URLs) to Neither the body text, the sender name, the subject nor any other portion of the message is ever transmitted.

  • What information gets stored on our servers. Our server maintains an aggregate log of all the domain names that have been transmitted to us. The log contains only a list of domain names and the number of times they have been looked up. We do not store any link between a domain name and your email address or IP address or any unique identifier. If a domain name is transmitted to us that is already on our whitelist of known non-spam sites (such as or, the domain is not logged in any way.

  • How we use the information. We store this information only to assist with our spam analysis methods. It is not used in any kind of marketing effort and is not shared with any third parties.