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Demo, Lite & Pro Versions

Spamfire comes in three versions. Your serial number determines which version you are using. All three versions use the same downloadable files.


You can try Spamfire for free without a serial number. The Demo can will download one filter update and delete spam from a single email account. The Demo version will expire 15 days after it is first opened. If you want to keep your in-box spam-free after that time, you can purchase a Lite or Pro serial number.


The Lite version works the same way as the Demo version. It can delete spam from a single email account and it does not include any filter updates. You can create your own filters but you cannot download the filter updates published by Matterform.


The Pro version can delete spam from any number of email accounts and automatically downloads filter updates to ensure that you have the most up-to-date spam protection available.

How to purchase Spamfire