When filtering happens

Spamfire filters only those email accounts you have added using the Spamfire Setup Assistant or in the Accounts Preferences window.

By default, Spamfire will automatically filter your POP3 accounts any time you check your email in your email program. If Spamfire is not open when you check mail, the Spamfire Agent will filter your email in the background. Only good messages will be passed to your email program. You can open Spamfire to see the spam messages that were intercepted.

Spamfire will filter all your accounts, including any IMAP accounts and Helper POP3 accounts, on the schedule you set in the the Schedule Preferences window. Scheduled filtering works in the background, even if Spamfire and your email program are not open.

Spamfire will filter all your accounts any time you click the Start Filtering button in the Spamfire Mail window.

You can open the Spamfire Mail window any time you want to browse messages or correct Spamfire's decisions.