The Best Revenge is Revenge

Spamfire's Revenge button, also known as the Justice button, lets you send a little grief back at the spammers. Spamfire offers several built-in Revenge options. Some are meant to get the spammers in legal or technical trouble. Some are meant to complain to the spammers and try to get them to remove you from their lists. Some are meant to annoy the spammers and increase their cost of doing business. All are very satisfying.

To take revenge against spammers, select one or more spam messages in the Spamfire Mail window and click the Revenge button in the main toolbar. Or choose Take Revenge from the Message menu, or press J.

A new window appears listing various revenge options. Check the options you want to use and then click Take Revenge.

For information about the various Revenge options, to add your own Revenge options, and to configure auto-revenge, see the Revenge Preferences Window.

After Revenge is complete, the affected messages will be shown in the list with a small revenge icon. Revenged messages are stored in the Definite Spam mailbox in the Spamfire Mail window.

The Revenge button will only work on spam messages. Any good messages will be skipped. If you have a spam message mistakenly marked as good, you should first correct it to be marked as spam. Then you can take revenge.


The Revenge button is intended to be used for proportionate justice, i.e., non-violent justice that fits the nature and severity of the crime. Like any instrument of justice, the Revenge button can be abused. Please do not use the Revenge button to start any action that could be construed as harassment. We do not condone the use of the Revenge button for anything illegal, immoral or stupid. If you are in doubt about the definitions of any of these terms, consult your attorney, priest or mother.