Try Spamfire / Buy Spamfire

Free demo mode

You can try Spamfire in free demo mode for 15 days. After that time, you need to purchase a license code to continue using Spamfire.

Buying Spamfire in a box

If you purchased Spamfire in a box, your license code is printed on a software license card that is included in the box. Keep your license code in a safe place. If you lose your license code, we may not be able to re-supply it to you. That is one reason why we usually recommend the downloaded version. When you purchase the downloaded version, we can re-send your license code to you if you lose it.

Get license codes instantly online

The easiest way to order your license code is to use our secure online purchase form. Your order is secure and you will receive your license code instantly. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Current pricing is available on the order form.

Other ordering methods

Print the online purchase form and fax or mail it along with your institutional purchase order.

Print the online purchase form and mail it along with your personal or company check or money order drawn on a US bank.

Phone us with your credit card order.

Enter your license code

We will email your license code to you. When you receive your license code, you can open Spamfire. The Licenses Window will appear automatically. Click Add License Code... and paste your license code and user name into the new window that appears. You must enter your license code (and user name, if we send you one) exactly as they appear in the email message we send you.

If you lose your license code

If you lose your license code, we can resend it to you. Just fill out our license code lookup form on our Web site. If you purchased our software in a box, we may not be able to retrieve your license code. It is your responsibility to keep it safe.

Upgrading from version 1

There is a special upgrade price for owners of Spamfire version 1. You can purchase a version 2 upgrade license on our Web site. The license code you receive will only work if you also have your Spamfire 1 license installed. Spamfire 2 will locate your Spamfire 1 license automatically. If it is not available, you can enter it manually in the Licenses Window.

Installing on another computer

You can install our software on another computer and it will revert to demo mode. This allows you to share our software with your friends without committing software piracy. Our software license does allow you to install your license code on one additional computer, provided :

You are the primary user of that computer, and

The two computers are not used simultaneously.

If you need to use Spamfire on multiple computers simultaneously, please purchase an additional license. Volume discounts are available. See our Web site for more information.